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You can print off a practice sheet for the maths badge you are working towards, just click on the link to your badge!

For White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange and Green badges you get 2.5 minutes to complete them.

For White star, Blue star, Yellow star, Red star, Orange star, Green star, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Rainbow, and Black badges you get 3 minutes to complete them.


School Jotter

You may also like to play School Jotter the online times tables game.

• Maths ideas years 1 and 2 (Pdf)
• Maths ideas years 3 and 4 (Pdf)
• Maths ideas years 5 and 6 (Pdf)


Special educational needs (SEN)

• Information on how I support my child, during schools closure, if they have SEN? (Pdf)
• Supporting children with learning disability/ASD, coping with COVID-19 isolation (Pdf)
• S&L and working memory resources (Zip)


Online safety

• Online safety at home 4-5s (Pdf)
• Online safety at home 5-7s (Pdf)
• Online safety at home 8-10s (Pdf)
Online safety while off from school (Pdf)


Seesaw: a guide to getting started for parents and carers

Book list

All pupils at Wansdyke are expected to read at least four times a week at home. This is monitored and should be recorded by parents signing each day they have heard a child read, as well as then signing the bottom of the planner each week.  

My child is in key stage 2, do I still need to listen to them read?

Yes, it is important to read at least four times a week with your child, so that you can ensure they have understood what they are reading. We support additional reading on top of this for children who enjoy reading independently!

In key stage 2 children record their own reading books and pages, but parents still need to sign each time they have heard a child read and then sign the planner at the bottom each week.

We welcome any comments from parents about how their children are doing with home reading.

Book list

Download our list of books (Pdf) that will aid your child's reading. These can be purchased from high street stores, online book sellers or borrowed from a local library. This list is designed to coincide with the school's reading recovery levels.

Key words

The following are sets of words your child is currently learning to read, then later on, will be learning to spell.  These are practise sheets so you can download them, print them off and read with your child at home. If you are unsure which set/s to print, please speak to your child's class teacher. 


First response and NSPCC booklets

If you know of a family or child in Bristol who needs support or safeguarding, please contact First Response.

NSPCC booklets

• Encouraging better behaviour (Pdf)
• Handle with care - a guide to keeping your baby safe (Pdf)
• Keeping your cool (Pdf)
• Listening to children (Pdf)
Out alone - a guide to keeping a child safe (Pdf)

Related information

• Child protection and safeguarding policy (Pdf)
• E-safety policy (Pdf)