We are a small, single-form entry school where everyone feels they are part of a family. Every individual child is special to us and we build strong, trusting relationships to promote positive attitudes and behaviours towards life and learning.

We are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum and giving our pupils the necessary skills for secondary school and their futures.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more or visit.

Adam Smith, Head Teacher



We believe that we work together as a learning community on a daily basis fulfilling our mission statement by:

  • Listening to one other
  • Explaining to each other
  • Communicating with others
  • Encouraging one other
  • Co-operating with each other
  • Helping each other
  • Working together in different ways

Wansdyke School is committed to excellence and personal success by supporting children in:

  • Demonstrating generosity of spirit and emotional strength
  • Becoming positive citizens, respecting themselves and the diversity of their community
  • Challenging themselves to exceed their own potential, going from strength to strength
  • Enjoying a breadth of achievement
  • Working independently and developing the ability to question, challenge and create
  • Being collaborative and resourceful learners in any situation.

We want to make sure that every child in our school has:

  • A fair and equal chance to learn in a safe but stimulating environment
  • Lots of interesting learning opportunities in all subjects
  • A chance to celebrate their achievements with each other and all the adults
  • Lots of equipment to help with their learning
  • The chance to learn about other cultures and people around the world

The office

At the heart of every good school is an efficient well run office and Wansdyke Primary School is no exception. We are extremely proud of our office staff who work so tirelessly behind the scenes to make things run smoothly.

In our office section we have lots of information that we hope you will find useful. If you need anything else please feel free to get in contact t: 0117 903 0218 or email: office@wansdykeschool.org.uk.



Head Teacher: Mr Adam Smith

Year R Class Teacher: Miss Lucy Thomerson

Year 1 Class Teacher: Mrs Fay Bailey

Year 2 Class Teacher, Deputy Head and Phase 1 Leader: Mrs Michelle Tett

Year 3 Class Teacher: Miss Lynsey Johns

Year 4 Class Teacher: Miss Alice Hall

Year 5 Class Teacher: Mr Christopher Nesbitt

Year 6 Class Teacher and Phase 2 Leader: Mrs Marie Tilling





The Government published the national curriculum (Pdf, 1.2mb) in 2014 which as a school we follow.

It includes resources such as word lists and spelling lists etc. for different year groups in English, and gradually classes will be moving towards embedding these requirements and putting them into practice.

Mathematics also contains much information about what is required to be taught, and information about how children will be assessed on their knowledge will take place at the end of each Key Stage. Information on this has yet to be finalised through government guidelines.

Your class teacher will provide you with information regarding any new requirements when it becomes effective, as different year groups will adopt the new curriculum at different times, as per the government guidelines.

All schools are required to publish their own distinctive school curriculum, incorporating the national curriculum which we are currently developing at Wansdyke Primary. This will give a year group by year group overview of how we plan to deliver this in our school.